Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great Help

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

Below is the amount that we have collected for Paul Thien’s Family. Ignatius and myself have handed over to his wife Pamela, together with the Name-lists of Contributions

On last Saturday when we visited him at St Andrew Hospital. Paul has recovered slightly on his left side but still unable to walk. He will be discharged by end of this month

and will be doing physio at least 3 times a week. In view of this situation, his wife has engaged a helper (his Hougang flat is not a lift landing) to help him to SGH for the

physio. However, he is able to talk and is so touched and grateful that he has so many friends extended help to him during this difficult situation. He and his wife has

written some kind words of gratitude to all as below:-

Friends From










Bal of last NS Gathering safekeeping by Irene Guok

S$230 + (S$70 top up)

Grand Total


From Pamela

“Dear everyone,

Words cannot express how touched and grateful my family is to all of you for the generous contribution, love, concern, support and prayers that you have shown to my family

in this difficult crisis of ours. God has indeed made me realized and I have also experienced his presence and love through all of you that I am never alone carrying this

heavy cross and I will always remember that you all are behind with me and my family as we ride together in God's love and friendship”

May God continue to bless you and your family always.

Paul, Pamela, Ruth and Reuben“

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