Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Help Needed

Dear Fellow colleagues,

Paul Thien, an ex-National Semiconductor employee (Test technician) has recently suffered a stroke in January 2010. This has affected his mobility on his left side and

is still unable to walk. He is able to talk but in a slurred manner. He is currently in St Andrew’s Hospital undergoing rehab. Due to his condition, his company has

terminated his employment.

His initial bills were paid by the company but his journey to recovery seems prolonged.

He has two children, one in sec 1 and the other in sec 3. His wife is working but is trying hard to make ends meet especially with the rehab costs and the need

to hire a helper to assist them. He did not take any personal insurance with regards to critical diseases either. Their family units are small and extended support

is also lacking.

Pamela, his wife has approached Ignatius for assistance. Some of us who know Paul thought that as an ex-colleague or friend, you may want to assist him and

his family during this difficult time that they are going through.

Please help to forward this mail to whoever knows him and want to help.

Any amount will be truly appreciated by them.

You can forward your donations to:

Irene Ng (StatsChippac)

Ignatius Tan (StatsChippac)

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