Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get together on 24th Nov 2006

To all Ex NSSG staff
There will be a gathering this coming 24th Nov 2006 for the final batch of NSSG staff to leave National Semiconductor.
Tee Huat and CH Phoa will be the organiser.

Irene Ng and Guat Him are appointed to count the number of people interested.
Please respone to your Area IC ( Like army style) so that it is easier to manage.
Area IC please help to inform and gather the number of people interested by next wednesday. 15th Nov 2006
Once the head count is known then it is easier to get a place to accomodate everyone.

PLACE : To be Determine once headcount is known
Tee Huat - Organiser
CH Phoa - Leader of the 16 heros
Area IC
StatsChippac - Irene Ng (Head counter - not Head Hunter)
CitiBank - Guat Him (Head counter - not Head Hunter)
Epcos - Irene Guok
Infineon - Kokah
Utac - June Lee
Amkor - KG Leo
Kallang Roar - SH Neo
SMU - Nancy Tan
Fluidgem - Monica Foo
Sitel - Neo Lay Hiang
AMD - ?
Marvell - ?
Broadcom - ?
FSC - ?
Xilinx - ?
TTSH - Chiou Huey
Others - Nancy Tan
Citibank - Guat Him
Last resort - YT Sim (

Please spead the message and respond bef 15th Nov 2006
This message will be posted on the following BLOG

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